Some free training programs

We are all increasingly getting swamped with more to do and less time to do it in. We need to get our staff, employees, co-workers, bosses, and students trained in the latest and greatest but how do we go about this? We get stressed because we don’t have the resources or the technology or even the budget to get going with our training programs.

I am not going to say everything is going to be easy but there are some options.

  1. First, start somewhere – anywhere. I recommend you start with just gathering some materials. These could be powerpoint files, some video clips, even some free training programs online.
  2. Next figure a way to distribute these materials. Now, this gets tricky and potentially hard to do especially if you have staff all over the place and no easy way to assemble everyone. Online training tools can certainly help with this. Try to get a free learning management system account and start uploading your courses.
  3. You then need a way to at least document that your folks have received the materials and if you can record somewhere that they have read these – wonderful! Simple quizzing or assessment tools can help with this process.

Try the above and you will have been started on a path to developing, self-sufficient, capable and driven employees, staff and students. If you still need help getting started, try this free e-course on the strategic impact of training and development.


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